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nino bus
I can't believe you are already 36, hope you'll have an amazing birthday with whoever you want, or maybe you'll just game all day, your choice lol
I've been a fan for so many years already and hope to still see you and your works for a long time!! Happy Birthday Nino!!

So cute and handsome=)

nino bus
I've been thinking for a couple of years how long Arashi was going to last, but it was more a "how long can they go with all these works non-stop and when they'll begin having less" and not an actual break from the group. Can't say i wasn't shocked. Nino always said they wouldn't keep going on without any of them and they were true to their words.
Arashi gave me so much fun for the last 12 years, especially when i was really down. So i'll try to enjoy these 2 years to the fullest and hope for the best for all 5 of them!

nino bus
Another year has passed and since it's the 17 in Japan....Happy 35 Birthday Nino!!!!
Have all the hamburgers, games and chips you want!Thanks for all the entertainment this year as well!!

This year also gave us Tokai sensei, the sassiest of all, the JAMA prince

No problem, giving you all my money

nino bus
Since it's the 17th in japan...Happy 34th birthday Nino!!!Have a great day, i'm so looking forward to your new works!!!

You are gorgeous<3<3

nino bus
Ok it was probably a technical problem, still i'm so disappointed about Nino's solo, i was so looking forward to it...they should have filmed more than once during the tour just to be sure, fans always look forward to the solos...

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nino bus

-"The Walking Dead" stagioni 1-9 complete, stagione 10 in corso
"Fear the Walking Dead" stagioni 1-5 complete
-"Westworld" stagione 1 completa, stagione 2 in corso
-"Lost in Space" stagione 1 completa
-"Peaky Blinders" stagione 1 in corso
-"Narcos" stagioni 1-3 complete, serie finita
"Narcos:Mexico" stagione 1 completa
-"Stranger Things" stagioni 1-3 complete
-"How to Get Away with Murder" stagioni 1-4 complete
-"Slasher" stagioni 1-3 complete
-"The 100" stagioni 1-4 complete
-"Scream" stagione 1-2 complete
-"Sick Note" stagioni 1-2 complete
-"The Society" stagione 1 completa
-"Vikings" stagioni 1-4 complete, stagione 5 in corso
-"The Man in the High Castle" stagioni 1-2 complete
-"The Haunting of Hill House" stagione 1 completa
-"3%" stagioni 1-2 complete, stagione 3 in corso
-"The Crown" stagioni 1-2 complete
-"Once Upon a Time" stagione 1 in corso, ep 4 da vedere
-"Black Mirror" stagioni 1-4 complete
"Black Mirror-Bandersnatch" completo
-"The Good Doctor" stagioni 1-2 complete
-"13 Reasons Why" stagioni 1-3 complete
-"The Frankenstein Chronicles" stagioni 1-2 complete
-"The Alienist" stagione 1 completa
-"The Rain" stagione 1 in corso, ep 3 da vedere
-"La Casa de Papel" stagione 1 in corso, ep 3 da vedere
-"OA" stagione 1 completa, stagione 2 in corso
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Japonism solos!
nino bus
All the solos were nice but i think they also made Jun look at reality. I love how he always want to try new things,but learning parkour or that aerial thing Aiba did in 3 months with all the other work they have in between was too much.
Aiba's solo was funny but i think i'm more pro Disco Star over Mr funk lol and it must have been scary to see him live, stuck up there.

Sho was so hot!I didn't think that drumline would be so cool, he looked so concentrated, he probably feared he was going to drop a stick.

Ohno's was definitely the most Japanese themed of all (well maybe the only one lol), i really liked the intro to the song!

And finally Nino's solo!"MUSIC" was so damn good,the stage was really cool too, like an arcade!

He was so cute <3<3

He was having so much fun with the audience XD

nino bus
This was such a aesthetically pleasing concert!The Japanese elements were so pretty <3

"Bolero" was so funny!!I hope they'll perform it again!!Nino was so into it and he was vocally on point for all the concert, i wanted to hear him sing more!

An Arashi concert isn't an Arashi concert without Sakumiya messing around lol

Ohmiya waving at each other instead of the audience XD

Plus Ohmiya backflipping!

More Nino in kimono please!<3


nino bus
Since it's the 17th already in Japan....Happy Birthday Nino!!
This year you have achieved two important acting prizes and i can't wait to see more of your acting in the future, it's the first thing the made me a fan of yours after all!
Keep on being the nice and friendly human being you hide behind your snark on tv shows <3<3 and keep on being snarky on tv shows lol

Have lots of games and hamburgers!!

Man, you look so good playing baseball,wear that uniform again!So many good Nino things in just half a year, i love it <3

Congratulations Nino!!!!!
nino bus
Congratulations on your Japanese Academy Award!!
I've yet to see Haha to Kuraseba but i was so happy to see how happy you were!! and it was so adorable seeing Yoshinaga-san so excited for you <3

This was the cutest,during Haru's speech^^