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Japonism solos!
nino bus
All the solos were nice but i think they also made Jun look at reality. I love how he always want to try new things,but learning parkour or that aerial thing Aiba did in 3 months with all the other work they have in between was too much.
Aiba's solo was funny but i think i'm more pro Disco Star over Mr funk lol and it must have been scary to see him live, stuck up there.

Sho was so hot!I didn't think that drumline would be so cool, he looked so concentrated, he probably feared he was going to drop a stick.

Ohno's was definitely the most Japanese themed of all (well maybe the only one lol), i really liked the intro to the song!

And finally Nino's solo!"MUSIC" was so damn good,the stage was really cool too, like an arcade!

He was so cute <3<3

He was having so much fun with the audience XD


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