Suppin Arashi!
Yeah, a new suppin after so many years!!They should do one for every concert,i love it!!
All the unstyled hair,Nino was so adorable with his flat hair XD

And shirtless Nino!When this came out everybody on the net was like "where's the onepack???" XD I wonder if it came back after the concert lol

Ohno's face lol thanks for showing us!
The Aiba-Nino-Ohno gang preparing "delicious" takoyaki for Sho,ie putting wathever Sho's like inside. They came out unexpectedly good and expectedly awful lolz

I'm happy they put Ohno and Aiba's birthday celebrations in,they were both happy=)Aiba's one was especially nice!They put the green stickers themselves,they had to get up early =)

Nino,how are you 32,you adorable man??

Two good looking guys relaxing together (i love those two together)<3

He must have taken a massage here,he looks so exhausted,poor baby

Nino singing to Ohno's solo and solo parts looks so good,A+++

Ohno mimicking Sho's solo and speaking English was hilarious,he looked so proud of himself XDDD
Nino sneaking on Aiba aka Wolverine taking a bath lolz

The best parts of suppin were Ohmiya trying to get Aiba to look at them during Disco Star:"Disco Star-sama!!". Nino was so heartbroken that Aiba noticed only Ohno while he was the one doing it first lol They did it so many times,a couple of times also Sho and Jun came briefly along!

So many good things but Nino/Ohno/Aiba moments were the best for me^^
PS Nino's eating because yes

This was so visually pretty,i so would have liked to watch it live!They really worked hard for it!
Thanking the introduction video for shirtless Nino<3(i wonder if it's for this that he worked out a little or if it was because of Hawaii).

There is no actual song i dislike from the album so it was all great!Starting off with Asterisk,it immediately pumped up the dome. I wonder where Sho had the camera,he only had it on with the first outfit..
Take off!! is so funny and the winged stage amazing,it was a new way to use the moving stages!
Aiba's Disco Star was the first solo and definetely stole the attention for me,it was so hilariously good XDD and you can also see Nino and Ohno watching the perf!

Love Wonderland choreo was cute^^

And the fan lights wave was really pretty,poor Nino couldn't see it lol

Nino in is Santa costume was adorable and the perf good but i was disappointed they didn't show very well the lights.I read that they were really good and also people who went to the live said they didn't film them well on dvd....

Tell me Why was amazing,it's such a beautiful song and Sho's rap in it..*melts*[insert gif]
Trap is one of my favourite song in the album and the perf was so damn cool,they all look so good!!

Then they made a remix of Troblemaker and Lucky Man,and i liked the Lucky Man so much,it's so much fun,i would have jumped so much XD[insert gif]
Hope in the Darkness was something really new for their concerts (together with the heartbeats),they made music through their movements and they were also synchronized with the fanlights colors.I think Nino's sound,like the one from an electric guitar i think,fitted him well!

They made so many good perf one after the other!The last one for the Digitalian one was Zero-G and the shaked their bodies well lolz

There was the second and last part then,with a remix of their singles through the years,it was a nice to celebrate their 15th anniversary=) This concert was so good,especially the Digitalian part,i loved all the songs,great job as usual Arashi!!<3 [insert gif]

Simply keep on being who you want to be and doing what you like. Looking forward to see more of your acting and listen to more of your music this year!

Again,since it's already the 17th of June in Japan....HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAZU!!!!Can't believe you are 32!!
You amazing man<3

You are always so charming lol

Who are you again anyway?XDD

Have fun on your day!!!

Hello Hawaii!!
They took so long for this release lol but it was definetely worth the wait (and bluray quality is amazing)!
Talk about grand entrance,look at them looking so smug and yes Nino,i see you not taking your glasses off XD

Of course starting it off with A.RA.SHI and they were fond of cartwheels in this concert,nice to see Sho and Jun doing some kind of tricks too =)

I don't remember the last time they danced to Lucky Man,nor to Pikanchi!Man,that was the best,i love the song and they were great!
It was amazing that they brought the moving stages from Japan,that's surely something new for those who are not familiar with Johnny's=) I bet that both Arashi and the audience were happy about the waterguns in Happiness,it must have been freakin hot!
Even if it was 5x15 they sang 5x10 lol but it's such a nice song=)
Jun was right,singing My Girl during the sunset made a beautiful scenery and its Hawaian rendition was pretty!Everything too,even if i actually prefer the normal one. And congratulations Ohno,on your perfect backflip after so much time XD

The transition between Monster and Daremo Shiranai was very well done and so good,i rewatched so mnay times already!
Paradox...i loved it but it can't beat the second day performance in the rain!!Nino looks so damn sexy with hips move and that little moment when him and Jun were swaying in front of each other was so hot!!

Season was really pretty,there were also some hilarious pics in that collage(Sho said some of the pics were his personal ones)^^

Nino's energy at the beginning of GUTS was great!And they couldn't miss the chance of using fireworks,out in the open=)

Energy Song was the perfect way to go in the last spurt,it pumped everyone up!And it was so nice when in the end they were flying away while the audience finished singing A.RA.SHI together<3

I loved to see them dancing so much!The only sad part was knowing that between the hot weather and his back pain,Nino was feeling pretty bad....still he showed so much professionalism,he's amazing,i don't know how he managed to dance so much.
Thanks Arashi for this great concert!!

This is so damn pretty<3<3

Bonus Nino, because he's beautiful
tumblr_nkfv0wcGJG1spn6xio1_250 tumblr_nkg97ryVT21typ41yo4_250

Bonus Nino 2, because he is perfect
tumblr_nk2uv6j8G41spn6xio4_250 tumblr_nk2uv6j8G41spn6xio1_250

Damn Nino!
How can you look so damn good??Thanks MSSL lol
tumblr_nh7t7svFNC1s36k43o1_250 tumblr_nh7t7svFNC1s36k43o5_250 tumblr_nh7t7svFNC1s36k43o6_250

And Sakumiya never fails to amuse me XD

Hi there Digitalian!!
Already loving this album as a whole,so many good songs,didn't expect it!
Also all the solos are pretty good but i'm simply loving Nino's...i mean it's still more than 2 months before Christmas yet i'm already jamming to his メリークリスマス XDD I was worried the first time i read the title but it's really good,good job Nino =)
Also liking Sho's solo a lot,it's catchy,to think that i used to dislike his solos some years ago lol
Take off! sounds like another super funny song for concerts Attack it!,can't wait!

And i'm curious about the choreo for other songs as well,already anticipating the concert^^

Still can't get over how good Nino is looking in the Zero-G pv,he's gorgeous (that hair!!why didn't he have that style on the cover??)<3<3
tumblr_ndetd4urrt1qa1uxao3_500 tumblr_ndct4zSJKR1qi2ns5o3_250

Shake those booties guys (especially you Nino!I see your hands going on your butt instead of the hips lol)!!

Happy there was a making off,was nice seeing them having fun when they danced the choreo in the end!
Jun was having so much fun lol
And Nino is the cutest cameraman<3<3
tumblr_ndnffr63JM1s36k43o3_r1_250 tumblr_ndnffr63JM1s36k43o2_250 tumblr_ndnffr63JM1s36k43o4_250

Gosh,will there be an Arashi concert i won't love??Great perf as usual!!
I really looked forward to Intergalactic and i wasn't disappointed!
So much fanservice on Rock Tonight,hope they'll perform this again,it's really funny!
Funky!!Would have loved to dance along with them in the dome!!
Ai wo utaou was really beautiful,great stage<3
Nino was so damn hot in Monochrome<3<3<3
tumblr_n9djv09Njf1ta4xv4o2_250 tumblr_n9bi8a1ZVr1qlgfmyo1_250
And nice choice putting Paradox after it
And he looked so happy while performing his solo,he was all smiles!!
tumblr_n9mce7W9W31qbsxvxo4_400 tumblr_n9mce7W9W31qbsxvxo3_400

Too many good things,the concert was too short XD
Just one thing...don't wear those costumes for Breathless ever again lolz

Happy Birthday Nino!!!
Happy birthday Nino-chan!!!Now you are 31 but....ehrrr...
Oh well,have a great day and keep on being your amazing self!XDD

Pikanchi 2.5!!!!There must be a DVD,i so want to see this sequel!!

Ah,so classy~~ XDD


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